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aka Justene. This blog is a place to check out more of my work, and get a special look into my wedding & portrait experience.
Hi, I'm Jbaby

It was one of those weddings that I KNEW was going to be epic from the moment we did our initial inquiry meeting.

The overcast July morning in Philadelphia didn’t keep the energy down whatsoever in this wedding party group — let me tell ya, the bridal suit was nothing short of laughs, “aweeee” ‘s, and dancing.
Lots of dancing.

And of course there’s only so much I can fit into a highlight reel, so whatever wasn’t used was compiled into a raw-footage reel (I call it “bloopers”) that I also deliver in my wedding video packages.

I got to connect with Gianna & Paulie more after our meeting when we went out to dinner at Double Knot, and bonded over not only sushi, but music & dance. It was awesome because that that aspect of our mutual interests was going to make working with them even MORE awesome throughout the day.
…but when we all arrived at The Moulin and got into the reception festivities, I wasn’t ready to see how insanely amazing their OWN CHOREOGRAPHY was going to be. SHEEESH!!!!! It was like, the coolest thing ever to see a couple create these routines together. That’s the best kind of art, imo. 

and… I may or may not have gotten on the dance floor later in the night for some free styling, too.

Another aspect of this wedding that struck my heart chords, was how deeply their entire wedding party felt like one huge family. (As an individual who’s friends are their family is every single way except for blood - this is one of the parts of the day I love documenting the most.) The hype, the excitement the joy everything about the friends & family’s involvement throughout the day was a deeply shared experience for all. THAT is kind of thing that makes these highlight films so much fun; every person here has so much personality that I want to see shine, and seeing it shine so bright altogether like this just creates one of those truly golden films.

Of course, nobody wanted the day to be over, nobody wanted to stop dancing, but as the DJ (@rhythmixent) hit the last song (Last Dance, Donna Summer), it wrapped up the day like big beautiful bow on a present. And I sure as heck was grateful to documented it and turn all those clips into a seriously epic, hype highlight film.
And furthermore... my favorite part about doing this is that it's never truly over after the wedding day.
Not long after I delivered the film to Gianna and Paulie, I got this text from her Maid of Honor:

.........WHEN I TELL YOU I teared up on sight at this text…!!!!!!

The human experience of these films really is the heartbeat of my work. Making art for people, that BRING people together.
It’s all about connection.

Wanna see what all the hype is about? ⬇

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Hi! I'm Justene, but my friends all call me Jbaby.

Rebel, dreamer, creative, empath, animal + nature enthusiast, and fashion lover, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

... My heart is made up of quite a few things, as you can see.

Not only am I a photographer/ videographer, but a mama of two cats, well traveled explorer, and fashion stylist. Through all of these things, I get to connect with people, but its my empathic nature that allows me to really get deep with it all. Celebrating people + stories through these relationships is what lights my creative heart up.