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aka Justene. This blog is a place to check out more of my work, and get a special look into my wedding & portrait experience.
Hi, I'm Jbaby

The newness in early motherhood reminds me of the woods, fresh from of a rainy night.

As an observer of early motherhood all around me, from friends/ family to clients, I find myself always so fascinated by all the new things you can learn about yourself (and your body) through the process of it all. Some of my momma friends have shared with me things I never knew the human body could do— for instance, on this walk, I was informed that from a mother kissing her infant often, her body can actually form immune-boosting milk to the babe based on certain pathogens on the baby’s skin! Like, that’s so cool.

And, you can just feel that intimacy between mother and child. Even on this short walk through the woods, I became more soft, serene, humble, happy. Lydia described one of the experiences of having her babe as becoming more childlike & in-touch with one’s inner child, and I really understood that today.

I knew I was let in to see something special, so I lifted my lens only at moments that I allowed for it this morning. Special moments. Moments of learning new touch, tastes, sights, sounds. Moments of bonding.

As I watched another human be so dazzled & curious at even the smallest plants, the inspiration reignited in me to look at beauty in even the littlest of moments around me. It was a gentle reminder of why I do what I do.

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Hi! I'm Justene, but my friends all call me Jbaby.

Rebel, dreamer, creative, empath, animal + nature enthusiast, and fashion lover, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

... My heart is made up of quite a few things, as you can see.

Not only am I a photographer/ videographer, but a mama of two cats, well traveled explorer, and fashion stylist. Through all of these things, I get to connect with people, but its my empathic nature that allows me to really get deep with it all. Celebrating people + stories through these relationships is what lights my creative heart up.