But First, a Short Manifesto
About My Work

I love the beauty in imperfections, and the unscripted spontaneity of life. My personality has always felt juxtaposed: dreamy, romantic, soft... and also moody, noir, and raw.
 It's precisely this which enables me to meet people where they're at when we're shooting, and make something meaningful + real together.

The nostalgia we want to feel from our photos/films in 20 years from now comes from expressing exactly who we are in the present moment, and all the raw emotions + memories tied to them.

The images she captures are perfect - even the colors are so dreamy and rich. I'm taken through a whole experience of emotions looking through them, like an amazing immersive experience. I felt like I was living my wedding day all over again.

- Alexis, Bride

Let's Make

Something Beautiful.

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