Meet Justene

Hey friend.
Let me give you a deeper look into the 


behind my passion...

it began with good movies.

My Story

Pierced by mesmerizing visual images, the playing out of plots, and the way I was able to understand emotion...

I began to see experiences around me as films, like there was a special story hidden & happening in myself and in others that was worth sharing. With the right framing + timing, I knew I could keep these moments alive forever, and preserve all the emotions they held. And it felt so, so purposeful to who I am as an individual.

With my empathetic nature + passion to empower others, a way of photography/videography was born that was built on connections made with amazing humans, with amazing stories - like you.

So, call me an emotional creature, but

discovering purpose through feelings is what lights me up + makes me feel creative.

Out of high school, I was the girl who didn't go to college, but instead, spent hours at a time alone in nature, or talking to people, discovering their dreams, passions, memories, and what sets them apart. I was an activist for the recovery community, the arts, and the young women in my little hometown of Scranton, PA. There was some kind of rebellious, out-of-the-box spirit that I resonated with in all of them. 

When I picked up my first camera, creating art was my safe place where I somehow felt understood. 4 years ago, I jumped into doing this full time, and realized that connecting with other people through this was both of our safe spaces. Watching the transformation take place in the hearts of people during + after these shoots drives my creativity, rebellious spirit, and romantic heart.

My dream is to create that safe space in portraiture to showcase your unique essence, and preserve moments that make life beautiful, forever.

My mission of pursuing connection + moments

The girl behind it all

Hey, I'm Jbaby!

 Rebel, dreamer, creative, empath, fashion lover, and enthusiast of all things wilderness.

Celebrating your story through connection lights my creative heart up.

If you're an adventurer, daydreamer, rebel, creative person that has always felt out of the box like me... you know this truth: sometimes, a good story involves risks. "Expressing yourself" can feel risky, but thats where individuals like us feel alive.

At the end of the day, I’m here for art, and I'm here for you. No matter how emotional, weird, romantic, or rebellious you are. I’m here to say f*ck it and hike that huge mountain before sunrise with you because you love the view. I'm here to dream visions up with you and figure out how we're going to make them happen - no matter how 'extra' they may be. I’m here to find that perfect location with the perfect lighting, just for you. Styling and fashion advice? Bestie, my closet is all yours. TBH I will most likely even cry during the first dance along with the rest of your guests at your wedding. 

I’m here to embrace it all... because its not just about taking your portrait, its about celebrating you.

Photo by Abby Beidler

I Believe

In an honest and unconventional approach

to photo + film.

Life is 90% being in the moment

and 10% being aware of it.

Embrace what you love

and run free with it.

The delight

is in the details that set you apart.


Raw Emotion/ 


Being present is key/

Have fun, be free

You are art

My focus is connecting on a deeper level, so that you can focus on having the best time ever at your wedding, or on your session. It's about being present + relaxed enough to feel all the things on your big day, or to fully embrace your unique essence on our session.

My goal is to provide you photographs/films that not only document these meaningful moments, but also showcase the bold personality that only you have.


Unscripted Moments

Personality in  Fashion

Being in Your Element

Unique Compositions


Let's Make

Something Beautiful.

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