The Experience

Here's a little more about how I do things differently.

Take a seat and read through what to expect on your wedding day or on a session together. Connecting with the photographer/videographer who shares the same values (both in their as you is the most important aspect to booking these services, and is reflected in your images or film.

I want us to both feel so ecstatic + hype about working with each other, because you deserve nothing less than that.

What It's All About

Connection + Trust

You're more than just a client to me; you're a human full of memories, personality traits, and emotions that are all unique to you. My best work is made with a real connection, and trust. Friendship is where the magic happens, and call me sappy but I freaking care so much about being more than just someone you hire to take cool photos or films. 

Unconventional, Unscripted

People often go to certain photographers to achieve a broad aesthetic that they find appealing, but it’s my goal to go even deeper than that. The energy of my photos will always be rooted in the rawness of who you are + what is sentimental to you... not any of that trendy, awkward, posed shit that. I'm after the beauty in imperfections, and the unscripted spontaneity of life. My style of shooting simply doesn't fit in a box, because you + your story don't.

Creating Together

You. Are. Art.  I'm a dreamer and let me tell you that there's no way we aren't seeing your vision come true. I don't care how out-of-the-box or 'extra' it might seem. I want you to dream, and then dream bigger, and work together to make these dreams visually come alive. I'm more focused on taking the time to plan + create with you, rather than rushing through a wedding day or session to just get a bunch of 'safe' shots. 

Love is Love

This is a safe space that promotes inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals; not only would I honored to document your special moments, but to truly celebrate you through my work.

Isn't it time...

you experienced more than just a service?

It's deeper...

than just photos and films.

It's about a real friendship, and sharing artistic vision.

Connection is why I can document your wedding celebration in a way that reflects the unique love story + shared values that you have with your partner.
Connection is why I can capture your essence, spirit, + individuality through captivating and unconventional portraits.

What Makes Me Different

You best freaking bet I'm going to show up 1000% myself so you can be 1000% yourself. As an empath, I'm there with you throughout every moment, and heck, I'll even get lost in the moment with you.

This, combined with my years of professionalism in this field + passion to embrace individuality all drive me to meet you where you’re at: to go deeper, be freer, and express yourself without limitations. 

Working together means you'll always have my untamed creativity, artistically conveying how the moments felt, in an array of color, light, emotion, and purpose - with you.

Because you deserve more than just a photographer or videographer.


A damn good time

Connecting to the moment

Your own kind of nostalgia

Creating art together

This is what its all about.

what they're saying:

“Justene made me feel comfortable instantly, and was such a dream to work with before, during, + after the wedding. She did both photography AND video - both turned out flawless! The photos were so professional and beautiful, and the film was breathtaking. I gave her total creative freedom, and I couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out.”

— Maggie

“Justene was a great photographer, and even a better person. She was fantastic with listening to what we wanted, while also putting her twist into it. Very professional with our meetings leading up to our special day. If you want to see her dance moves just play a Michael Jackson song or two at the! Would highly recommend Justene!”

— Ashley

“She went above and beyond before the wedding, throughout, and after, to make sure that everything was running smoothly and that all of our ideas + expectations were met. Justene certainly has an eye, and will go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. She strives to understand what you have in mind for your special day and succeeds in making it a reality. There isn’t a single photo I don’t love.”

— Kat

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