Wedding Photographer in Scranton-Philadelphia

 Your Love Story, Captured with Heart

Hey! I'm Justene – but you can just call me J. In the whirlwind of an adventure that is planning your wedding, finding the right photographer to capture every laugh, tear, and dance move is important. If you're looking for someone to capture your day in a way that feels genuine, full of emotion, and uniquely you, then you're in the right place. Whether it’s the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, the emotional nature surrounding Scranton, or wherever your next adventure takes you, I'm here to make sure your love story and personalities shine through in every photo, wherever your destination may be.



Why I'm Different – And Why That's Great for Your Wedding Photography

I’m not just your vendor - I’m your friend. 

Your wedding day deserves more than just photographs/a video—it deserves memories captured with heart, soul, and authenticity. Imagine having a trusted friend by your side, someone who understands your quirky personalities, humor, and everything you went through to get to this point in life; someone who understand your unique bond with each other and knows how to immortalize those genuine, adventurous, and joy-filled moments...

That's where I come in.

I specialize in cultivating genuine connections with couples (like you) who crave a unique, unforgettable wedding experience.  Together, we can say f*ck it to the wedding day norms, and create images that reflect your dreams and personalities on your wedding day... ensuring every moment is as vibrant and real as your love story.

When we're just having fun, or you guys are taking the time to soak in the weight of what it means to look at each other and be "right here, right now"... there's no stiff poses or forced smiles—just pure, unfiltered joy & emotion. Your wedding day isn't just an event; it's a celebration of your journey together, and I'm here to ensure it's a damn good time.

Let's turn your vision into reality and create timeless memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Get ready to experience wedding photography & videography like never before—personalized, authentic, and present.

Capturing the Real Love Story

Every couple is unique, and your wedding photos should reflect that. I value taking the time to get to know you – your quirks, your passions, and what makes your love story yours. This isn't about posing you in a hundred different ways; it's about capturing your genuine interactions, the spontaneous laughs, and those quiet, tender moments in between. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, I'm all about capturing the vibe that's true to you as a couple - even if it seems "extra" or *extremely* non traditional. 


Finding Nostalgia in the “Small” Moments

When I capture weddings, it's not just the grand gestures or the busy moments that pull at my heartstrings. It's those fleeting, unscripted, emotional instances that truly stick. Like the soft giggle between lovers, unaware you’re being watched, or the way light dances in your eyes during a quiet moment of reflection. These moments of genuine emotion and intimacy with your partner are where the true essence of your day comes alive, weaving a story of love like an epic movie that's both timeless and deeply personal. Nostalgia exists because we’re present- we can feel the moment. By capturing the heartfelt glances and tender touches that might otherwise fade into the background, you can look back at your photos & video, hear a sound, sense a smell, and be pulled right back in. Let's immortalize this- the snapshots that will tell your unique story for years to come.

My Wedding Photography Packages in the Scranton/Philly Area






  • Full Wedding Day Coverage
  • 2 Hour Rehersal Dinner Coverage
  • 1 Hour Honeymoon-day Session
  • 700+ Digital Images
  • Full Digital Gallery Download
  • 8-10 minute Highlight Film
  • Full Day Coverage
  • 2 Photographers
  • Full Digital Gallery Download
  • 600+ Digital Images
  • 3 to 5 Minute Highlight Film
  • 2 Photographers
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Full Digital Gallery Download
  • 1 Photographer
  • Up to 8 Hours of Coverage
  • Full Gallery Download



Let's Talk About Your Dream Day

I'm not just a photographer; I'm a storyteller, a dreamer, and a believer in love in all its forms. From the first look with dad, to last hoorah on the dancefloor, I'm here to capture every moment with authenticity and heart. Together, we’ll create art, document your cinematic love story, and find ways to translate that artistically. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in the Philly/Scranton area who can not only bring out the nostalgia, emotion, and realness on your wedding day but also truly feel it with you, let's chat.

Your wedding is a story waiting to be told, and I'd honestly be honored to be the one to tell it. Let's create something beautiful together that you'll look back on and feel the love and joy all over again. Ready to make some magic? 


what they're saying:

“Justene made me feel comfortable instantly, and was such a dream to work with before, during, + after the wedding. She did both photography AND video - both turned out flawless! The photos were so professional and beautiful, and the film was breathtaking. I gave her total creative freedom, and I couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out.”

— Maggie

“Justene was a great photographer, and even a better person. She was fantastic with listening to what we wanted, while also putting her twist into it. Very professional with our meetings leading up to our special day. If you want to see her dance moves just play a Michael Jackson song or two at the! Would highly recommend Justene!”

— Ashley

“She went above and beyond before the wedding, throughout, and after, to make sure that everything was running smoothly and that all of our ideas + expectations were met. Justene certainly has an eye, and will go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. She strives to understand what you have in mind for your special day and succeeds in making it a reality. There isn’t a single photo I don’t love.”

— Kat