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aka Justene. This blog is a place to check out more of my work, and get a special look into my wedding & portrait experience.
Hi, I'm Jbaby

It was the perfect sunrise - not moving too fast, or too slow.
They call this venue the Barn at Glistening Pond for a reason, and although many weddings are shot here, this sunrise session showed us why it's called that.

As the three of us got out of the car, embracing the lightly brisk, humid air, you could 'hear' the sweet silence that comes from nature: some song birds in the trees, swans flapping in the pond, all critters around us waking up with the earth.

It set the tone to capture exactly what it is that Abby + Mitch have together, which is a grounded and tender love. You can tell it runs deep in the way they laugh, look at each other, and embrace each others touch.

From shooting around the field, to taking a walk around the property and pond, every moment felt grounded and tender too. (Besides when the swans almost charged them... lol). As I watched the little interactions they shared in the quiet moments, a sense of gratitude rose in me throughout our time, like the sunrise and fog rose around us. I had this immense thankfulness in my heart for having the experience to be in a space like this with two people that adore each other quite like they do. It's real, raw. Sacred, and runs deep. We live for these kinds of experiences in life, even if its just a brisk walk around the Barn at Glistening Pond.

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Hi! I'm Justene, but my friends all call me Jbaby.

Rebel, dreamer, creative, empath, animal + nature enthusiast, and fashion lover, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

... My heart is made up of quite a few things, as you can see.

Not only am I a photographer/ videographer, but a mama of two cats, well traveled explorer, and fashion stylist. Through all of these things, I get to connect with people, but its my empathic nature that allows me to really get deep with it all. Celebrating people + stories through these relationships is what lights my creative heart up.